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posted by Justin - 2013-02-11 08:27:15

Making Lives Easier

So here's a question: does how you live your life, on balance, make other peoples' lives easier or harder? Most jobs (or things people do) are designed to help someone in some way, or else no one would buy anything.

But I want you to think about, and share, all the ways that you regularly make other peoples' lives easier. Beyond just "I am funny and people laugh," I mean a real ease.

This is a very easy question to answer if you're a doctor/teacher/nurse/etc. But the real purpose of this is to have you ask yourself if what you do is purely self-interested or if others benefit from it.

Most of us really do help others in some way. I don't really teach these days, but I am helping teachers improve our program so that the adults they teach will benefit from our services more. And in learning more English they will be able to get better jobs, or socialize within their community. Thus, lives made easier. And I also help cranky seniors socialize with one another, even though they usually don't accept help graciously. Heh.

How do you make the lives of others easier?

Peace and love,
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