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posted by Justin - 2013-01-21 10:08:46

Small Moments

I'm back. I got the job, as you know. Can't and won't mention on here where I work, but, for the first time since, well, ever, this is a place where, if I do well, I should be able to grow, learn, improve and stretch my legs.

It's not a ton of money for now, but it can and should grow every so often.

It's enough to make it so, while I can't spend willy-nilly, I can breathe.

But I didn't write this post to brag. I wrote it 1. to say thank you for everyone who has supported me and 2. announce that, yep, I'm back.

So, how have you been since the holidays? Been a good January? I hope so.

Since something potentially life-changing occurred for me this past week, I want to ask you: what moments, when you look back, might not have seemed portentous beforehand and turned out to be just that? I don't mean your birth, you dorks, but, say, something that helped you get into college or grad school

The end is usually what we remember more readily, when we take pictures. The first day at school/work, graduation, weddings. But to get there, you need the other big days.

For this new job and potentially a real solid career, it wasn't the day they finally told me I was in, or any of the regular-style interviews. It was probably the try-out, where I interacted with seniors and fit in as part of the group, and really felt that this was a place that had what I wanted and needed out of work. It seemed like a bit of a formality when I was asked to do it, but it really, really clicked for me, and I suppose for them too because I did indeed get the gig.

It's funny because the things that go well don't always have little such moments. If everything continues to work out with my girlfriend, we really don't have a very interesting story. I sent her a message online and then we went out and that was that. But for this job? Little moments like my try-out really made it possible.

That's my answer, though I'm sure there are more from my past.

What seemingly small moments led to big results for you?

Peace and love,
Justin PBG
[end post]

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