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posted by Justin - 2012-04-03 09:19:36

We Deserve It

Hey, black people. And women, you listen up, too. LGBT folks, pay attention. Folks without means and opportunity, the financial underclass? Open your ears. I don't think I have any disabled folks on my friends' list, but they may read this through the interwebs, and they best pay me some mind as well.

You know the general abuse we get from the dominant group(s)? The casual disrespect. The complete ignorance. The occasional aggression or violence. The, at best, fetishization. The things that make it relatively more difficult to be one of us than to be one of those folks. It's our fault, you know.

I mean, there are these ignorant people out there, right? People who know nothing and can't help themselves from demonstrating their lack of common sense, decency or impulse control. They're in every other country and definitely also in ours. And they fuck up a lot. We lose jobs, freedom, lives because of it. But it's our fault. No, really, it is. Listen to me for a second.

You see, they can't be bothered without having to educate themselves about the rest of the people with whom they share a society. In fact, in some places, it's actually illegal for them to teach their children about different ethnic backgrounds. So when they come across us, they're not likely to know how to give us an adequate level of respect. And that's no one's fault but ours.

And where do we get off wanting to be able to wear what we want without being assaulted or attacked? Huh? Clearly if someone else thinks we're acting suspicious or slutty, we deserve any punishment they want to hand out. If you commit the crime of enjoying (or, really, having) sex while in possession of a vagina, your sentence will, and should, be years of guilt and shame. And what kind of lunatic would think we deserve not to be referred to as ugly slurs based on group membership? If we don't want to be insulted, we should just decide to stop being the things that we are. It's as simple as that.

I don't want to belabor the point, because none of us are intelligent enough to pay attention for very long. If we were of equal intelligence and skill to the dominant group, we would obviously be just as privileged as they are, especially those of them who do not see color (because that's a thing, really). There are no roadblocks in our way, no ceilings made of glass. The only thing stopping us from ascending to great heights is our own inherent slothfulness and lack of ability. So until we gather up our bootstraps and pull ourselves to the top, we deserve every bit of disrespect that we receive. Because the people who put us down have every reason to do so.

So keep this in mind, members of disadvantaged groups. It's on us to act the way they want us to, otherwise they have no choice but to keep pushing us down.

We shouldn't dare keep our heads up and our mouths open, ready to push back against the rain coming down upon us. No, we shouldn't dare. We shouldn't spread the word, spread the info, spread the energy that will keep us afloat until we do one day rise up and meet them. Absolutely not. And we definitely shouldn't call them out on their bullshit whenever it needs to be called. That, folks, would be just about the worst thing we could possibly do.

Peace and love,
Justin PBG
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